Nurses are the poor relations of the medical world. This hierarchical anachronism is institutionalised gender inequality at work for all to see. Dental nurse salaries around the world are a pittance in comparison to dentists and orthodontists. These dental hygienists are considered to be merely the handmaidens to the overweening egos of the star attractions of the dental realm. Dental nurses should be recognised for the valuable role they serve in the many dental procedures that you and I pay relative a fortune for. I say, increase the training levels for dental nurses and greatly increase their wages too.

Substantial Financial Inequality Exists Between Dentists & Nurses

Dental nurse salaries should equate to dentists’ fees. The substantial financial inequality between dentists and their nurses only creates disharmony and discord within workplaces. We all want to live in fairer and more equitable societies where human happiness flourishes all around us. We all want to see opportunities presented to the widest array of people from all walks of life. Nurses are now often called oral health therapists. If we are going to give them a high falutin title, we should recompense them accordingly. Demand more of them in terms of training and pay them more.

Health is the Important Factor in the 21C

Health is an important part of our lives and it is only going to increase in importance over the coming decades. Human beings are facing a global pandemic right now, which has the potential to greatly reduce our numbers going forward. All those who work in the health sector should be recognised for the valuable work they do. Our societies reward salespeople far more than they do health workers. Perhaps, it is time to amend the balance of rewards within our communities now in recognition of the changing world. Is saving lives more important than selling stuff to people?

Covid is changing the goal posts. I predict that we will not return to normal anytime soon and probably never. Not as we once knew it, and this is not a bad thing. We lived in an unfair world where things like sporting prowess and selling things were rewarded far more than those who provide essential services. We, as a society, valued celebrity over substance. We lauded light weight selfish people over those who cared about us and our communities. We have an opportunity to change this. Circumstances are forcing our hand. Dental nurse salaries around the world are but one of many measures we must remedy.