State Healthcare Priorities in 2018

When considering the healthcare priorities in nations like Australia, America, the UK and Germany, it remains based on statistical medicine. This means the decisions in the health departments are made to serve the greatest number of people via the results of studies commissioned by vested interests like large pharmaceutical companies. Medicine is in the service of drug companies, whose whole raison d’etre is to sell product at a profit. Individual human beings and their health issues must fit into the lowest common denominator to be treated by our healthcare infrastructure. There is no room for individualised diagnosis and healthcare.

Immunisation Remains at the Forefront of State Healthcare Priorities

In Australia, we spent $170 billion on health in 2015-16, this was an increase of around 50%, in real terms, on an average year in the previous decade. The government funded around two thirds of that figure and non-government sources the remainder, which include the individuals themselves. Immunisation, which is at the vanguard of statistical medicine, is at around 93% of 1 to 5 YOs in this country. Immunisation allows the government to ignore the individual rates of health and nutrition in an area by insisting on broad levels of immunisation for a whole range of possible health issues for everyone. Pharmaceutical companies would prefer to sell a medicine for a condition than for governments to ensure the prevention of the health condition through monitoring diet and nutrition in their citizens.

The Rise of Complementary Medicine in Australia

The rise of complementary medicine and alternative natural healthcare has aggravated many in the medical establishment and health departments. As many as two thirds of adult Australians have sought out these kinds of practitioners and the products associated with them, according to market research. This is a telling statistic when examining the success of the healthcare establishment in this country. Check this out as an example of the type of quality alternative healthcare practitioner flourishing in Sydney.

Drug Companies are Running the Show

You only have to look at America to see everything that is wrong about the free enterprise healthcare model, when it operates without effective government oversight and guidance. The profit motive is not the best thing to underpin a healthcare program nationally. The companies selling the drugs have a vested interest in defining what health actually is. Look at clinical depression and the huge increases in that condition. Concurrent with that is the huge rise in the number of people being prescribed antidepressants to treat depression.