Sex & Social Activism: Linking More than Arms

Make love, not war.

This is the mantra nowadays of social activists, and some of them are taking it too literally. Rumor has it that high libidos exist within groups of social activists and they get off whenever they can. Well, nobody can blame them since activism and sexual orgy can both be traced in our history.

Morally speaking, having multiple sexual partners within a group of activists isn’t ideal. Even a May Day cam girl does not approve of it. In rationalizing their pleasure trip from linking more than arms, social activists/sex enthusiasts transformed the typical “mate-swapping” into a life art and a surrealist brand of socialism.

Sex & Social Activism: Linking More than Arms

There are three kinds of horny social activists. The first type is called the sophisticated. These people see sex as a private topic, but also use it for publicity and cultural capital. Social theorists describe cultural capital as the power and influence that emanate from fame.

The second type of activists is the left-wing activists. They use sex to crush the idea of having a monogamous sexual life. Moreover, left-wing activists don’t care about the privacy of sex, which is opposed to how the sophisticated view sex. The last kind is the reformers. They believe that the sexual freedom they have and enjoy within the group is the answer to all of our human problems.

Other Forms of Sex and Activism

If you are familiar with the Burning Man, then you might be aware how it is filled with art, music, drugs and sex. Interestingly, this festival is also considered as a modern-day activism. In fact, some contend that today’s activism could be more festive and celebratory, as it was back in the ’60s.

Activism can also be used to defend those involved in sexual orgies. In Taiwan, activists gathered to back up a man who orchestrated the infamous 2012 sex orgy in a train. Such event transpired to allow the people to see a┬ádisgraceful aspect of the country’s railway system.

In Canada, Salon reported that disabled activists organized a sex party to show that there’s nothing wrong in the libido of people in wheelchairs. In making this point, organizers come up with an orgy.