Research Your Future Employer: It’s Easier Than Ever

It is a routine for the Human Resource Department (HRD) to take a look at the candidates’ online profiles, the activities they were engaged in or the organisations they are associated with before they employ potential recruits. As a job applicant, prior to submitting an application or before taking a proffer, you should at least check out your future employer. Don’t worry, it’s easier than ever.

Before the Internet-age, making enquiries about the company you are interested in usually involves a visit at the local library. Nowadays, being able to research an employer for a fair assessment of the workplace is pretty straightforward, thanks to online company information such as those displayed on SEEK. For instance, through ACM Group Seek profile, those interested in joining the company will get a gist of how it’s like working with ACM Group.

Here are other resources that could help you land the job of your dreams and find a cool employer:

  • Glassdoor

With over 3 million employee-generated contents, Glassdoor features reviews of employees from various sectors and industries. The site also provides information regarding the salary range and possible questions during interviews.

  • LinkedIn

Most job hunters start their research in LinkedIn. The site’s “Search Companies” tool provides important numbers and data of thousands of companies. These include the business’ growth rate and their employees’ educational backgrounds and industry experiences.

  • CareerBliss

Like GlassDoor, CareerBliss provides salary information from thousands of the site’s users. In addition, CareerBliss gives users the chance to rank their employment experiences using metrics, such as job security and career growth.

  • gives insights about your future employer that are obtained from the company’s website. These include general information like company history, annual profits, clients and market reach.

Things to Research about Your Future Employer

  • Skill sets and know-how the company finds important

Before anything else, know what skill sets and industry experience the company is looking for. Search for their “Career Page” to get a general picture of the type of employees they want on their team.

  • Big bosses

These could be your future supervisors or the company’s president. Check their social media accounts and read the stuff they share or post about the company.

  • News and recent achievements

Look for company press releases to get an update about the organization’s recent activities and achievements. When scheduled for an interview, it is always handy to be well-informed with the company’s recent pursuits and accomplishments.

  • Opportunities for career growth

See to it that your future employer gives opportunities for career advancements. Do they provide trainings and seminars? Are the possible career paths for employees described in detail? How about staff development programs?

Remember that the information you gather about your future employer gives you an advantage on whether working with them is beneficial for you or not. Thanks to the Internet, researching like Sherlock Holmes can now be done in your home.