Protecting the Rights of Animals in 2018

When you think about us, human beings, as a species, and what we have done on this planet over the last 60 000 years or so, it makes you wonder. We have enslaved most other animal species for our own rewards. We have, even, invented gods who inspired scribes to write down justifications for the wholesale slaughter that we have committed all over the world. The domestication of animals, especially livestock, is unparalleled in history. We are so used to being able to pick and choose cuts of meat in our supermarkets, we don’t even think about it. What about protecting the rights of animals in 2018?

Thinking About Animals

Every life outside of our own species is up for grabs to enrich our own existence in some way. Cattle used to be wild animals. Dogs used to be wolves. Horses never used to carry anything on their backs or pull anything along. Many people will interject here and say, well, we could not have survived as a species otherwise. I would say in response, the victims of our enslavement and domestication programs have survived as representatives of their species. Have you seen how large a cow can grow just by eating grass? Have you seen a tall horse or a big kangaroo? The vegetarian diet does not inhibit size or strength.

Killing Animals May Decline as We Evolve

We used to hunt and kill whales for their oil and various other body parts. That reliance on whale oil for lighting is now obsolete. I hope that, as we move into the future, our reliance on killing animals for food and pleasure will also abate and become obsolete. Animal testing for beauty products is on the decline and there are many manufacturers of cosmetics no longer practicing this barbaric process. See here online an example of a popular cruelty free beauty brand available via an Australian seller. Killing animals may decline as we evolve and protecting the rights of animals in 2018 is the way forward.

The Egyptians Made Their Gods in the Image of Animals

As people concerned about the fairness and equality within our worlds, should we not, also, fight for the rights of those who cannot fight for themselves? Animals are gentle souls, in the main, despite the fact that Christianity denied them a soul at all. What a silly religion, like all religions essentially are. They are justifications for our barbarous behaviour made right by made-up divinities.  At least the Egyptians made their gods in the image of animals.