MayDay Rallies Protests & Celebrations Around The World

May 1st is known as a public holiday to honor workers from around the globe. Often referred to as May Day, this is a great time for employees to have their voices and demands be heard in an effort to convey their message to the public as well as have a say on the issue about employment. As such, May Day gave many workers the opportunity to join rallies and protest from fellow employees alike.

Protests and rallies mark May Day making it impossible to not have one from the other. Indeed, May Day is not complete without such activity oftentimes turning them into celebrations. In fact, traditional May Day rallies have been used by protesters in France to demonstrate over proposed reforms to the country’s labour rules.

It should be noted that France isn’t the only country that is using May Day rallies to spread their message. For instance, thousands of communist party supporters in Russia have marched on the Kremlin demanding reforms.

Not all May Day celebrations however, end in a peaceful manner. For example, in Turkey, two policemen were killed and 23 people wounded when the May Day protests was overshadowed by a car bomb attack in the southeastern province of Gaziantep. There is also the city of Istanbul which had a history of being attacked twice on a row this year by the self-proclaimed Islamic State group which in turn led to tighter security measures done ahead of celebrations.

Scuffles at May Day protests are pretty common nowadays and recently, a brawl ensued in central London between protesters and police demonstrators gathered outside the offices of giant US firm Lockheed Martin in High Holborn. To keep things under control, around 4,000 officers were on patrol by stationed by the Metropolitan Police, City of London Police and British Transport Police.

People who do not wish to join May Day rallies and protests are still affected with previous celebrations reported that protesters went on to blockade parts of Melbourne during their protests. As a result, the journey home for some Melburnians became a long one with tram services being affected with the activity.

As mentioned earlier, peaceful protests oftentimes do not go as planned usually resulting to violence especially if participants are not controlled. This is often starts when demonstrators begin hurling projectiles such as rocks, bottles and even worse, Molotov cocktails to damage not only the police but also nearby properties.

The success of May Day celebrations and protests often becomes possible with the help of social media. Many rallies in the present were often initially created over the social media inviting fellow online users to come and join their cause. Social media is filled with billions of people all over the world and as a result, their message can be shared across all of their supporters in a timely and effective fashion. There is no wonder why May Day rallies rarely runs out of supporters as they are able to find people who share the same cause over the internet.