Beauty & Vanity in the Socialist Paradigm

In 2018, when self-aggrandisement and the self-perpetuating myth have never been more prevalent, what place do beauty and vanity have in the socialist paradigm. Socialism has been pilloried on the basis of the failures and excessive cruelties of communist regimes in places like the Soviet Union and North Korea. Socialism is now considered a good idea, which does not translate well into practice in the real world. Unions are besmirched, daily, by the Murdoch press and its conservative minions around the globe. The socialist cause does not fly its flag proudly but, rather, goes about its business quietly.

Look at Me, I Am Beautiful

Beauty and vanity are the polar opposite of quietly going about one’s business. The ‘look at me’ call is like a clarion leading a charge into battle for the attention of the world. Cosmetic surgery is pumping up the tires of men and women in wealthy nations everywhere. People are primping and perming. Beauty and vanity are the main stays for many in the reasons for living stakes in the 21C. We have become so enamoured of style over substance that nobody even notices it anymore.

Is Beauty Something That Can Be Shared?

If socialism is political and economic organisation based on an equal share of state ownership, then, is the concept of beauty, something that can be shared? Can beauty and vanity fit under the socialist umbrella? Everything, seemingly, has a beauty spin put upon it these days. Check this out as an example of the proliferation of cosmetic services, now, promoted under the banner of dentistry. I remember when a dentist was a tooth puller and painful driller in search of dental hygiene. Today, it is all about a pretty smile and whiter than Snow White teeth.

The Meaning of Life in 2018

What is the meaning of life in 2018? What is your moral compass telling you about beauty and vanity in this day and age? “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” Karl Marx? Engels? Fidel Castro? Comrade Stalin? Lenin? Kim Jong-un? Those North Korean dictator hair styles are something else, aren’t they? My sneaking suspicion is that we have always been terribly facile and, now, we just don’t care who knows. Human beings are big brained monkeys, mammals with a taste for animal flesh on an industrial scale. We like to look in the mirror and gaze upon our own visages. We like to primp and perm.