No Rest for the Wicked: 24/7 Sex Workers

Men are the number one patrons of adult and sexual services. As a matter of fact, The Sydney Morning Herald described men as 24/7 hornbags. Such notion can be attributed to the rate of occurrence of sexual thoughts among men. Scientists also show that men’s testosterone levels are directly related to their sex drive.

No Rest for the Wicked: 24/7 Sex Workers

To cater the sexual needs of men, adult services has expanded in all forms and means. For one, anyone can book escorts online at any time of the day. Not only that it is convenient, but clients can pre-select their “dish of the night”. With the unceasing nature of brothel roster, sex workers are now available 24/7. These jobs which still work May Day, usually work their fingers to the bone in shifting schedule. More often than not, they are always on call, especially if a VIP client asks for them.

If you are going to ask these sex workers, some would say that selling sex was not their first career option. There are those who work in offices, but were let go due to downsizing. On a typical working day, escorts clock in as early as 6 pm or as late as 10 pm for their shift. This being said, some upscale brothels always make sure that there are available girls round the clock.

Life in a 24/7 Brothel

Most sex workers start their day by going to the local gym for an early workout. It is a must for them to look good and stay fit in this kind of business. After doing some weights and a bit of cardio, they head home and pick their outfit for their shift. Then, they check their e-mails for today’s appointment or client meet-up. Soon after, escorts prepare themselves, both physically and mentally, for the day.

Normally, sex workers in brothels work in a 12-hour shift. Entertaining multiple clients in that time frame can take a toll on their physical and mental health. Health risks are among the occupational hazards, which is why brothel owners encourage their patrons and girls to engage in safe sex.

Girls who work in bawdy houses are somewhat fortunate that they are protected by laws and accepted by the society. But in places where prostitution is illegal, sex workers endanger themselves by working in the dark. That is why there are people who are pushing to legalize prostitution since today’s men need and crave for more sex.